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ADIOS to a friend, Sergio Pereira has passed.

Sergio Pereira
Escrito por Nelson Horta

MIAMI AUGUST 29, 2017,–With deep sorrow we have to write this article, about the passing of a good man, a great Cuban, an excellent friend, Sergio Pereira died yesterday early morning in a hospital in Boston. He had been there for almost a year battling a Leukemia condition, he almost won the battle following a procedure, but a complication a few weeks later, ended the battle.

Speaking of Sergio Pereira is presenting the true “American Dream. Like many Cubans outside his country, Sergio left Cuba early in the 60’s, barely 17 years old and with his family was relocated to New Jersey. There he spent his first years of exile, graduating from high school and college, returning to Miami where he always wanted to grow up, and grow he did.

When writing the history of the enormous growth of Miami and Miami-Dade, Sergio Pereira will have his special place. He was part of the evolution of our city and especially Miami Dade County. Sergio was part of the rapid expansion of Miami-Dade County at a time when huge immigration from Cuba created an overpopulation that needed to be addressed.

He first served as administrative assistant to the City of Miami at the time of Merrett Stierheim, and when Stierhiem resigned to move to the County, Sergio assumed the position of Administrator of the City of Miami, but was there for a short time, only 7 months.

In 1985, Sergio became the first Cuban American to become a Miami Dade County Administrator, even though meetings were held in the court building called “Cielito Lindo”, and he was the creator and was in charge of supervising the construction of the Current County Administrative building at 111 NW 1 Street.

Many admired Sergio’s elegance, personality and form of leadership, but others, also envied him especially in the so-called establishment, including the most important newspaper of the time, The Miami Herald.

The Herald had several of its reporters constantly with eyes on Pereira, sometimes causing obstacles but never proving anything. He never gave in to the pressures and always fought against the injustices of those who hated him for being elegant and perhaps being the first Cuban to have the position of Administrator of the largest County in Florida.

According to lobbyist Dusty Melton, “Sergio was an excellent human being, a real dedicated public servant.”

And Dusty who was one of those who knew Sergio is not mistaken; Sergio was an excellent human being and dedicated to public service during his administration.

He will no longer be with us in body, but his spirit will be with us always

Mayor Carlos Giménez, a personal friend of Sergio had this to say of the death of his friend:

“Today we have lost one of the most important figures in Miami Dade’s modern government and its political history. Sergio led our community with a lot of passion and dedication during the Mariel crisis and during the growth of the city of Miami and Miami Dade County, he was also a pioneer in public administration and inspired generations of “Miamians” into public service.

Our community today is better thanks to Sergio Pereira and we are going to miss him. I send my deepest condolences to his family in such difficult times.”

His body will be transported to Miami today, and on thursday  will be the funeral viewing between 6 and 7 pm followed by a mass that started exactly at 7 pm.

Rest in Peace our friend Sergio Pereira.

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