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LACK OF ETHICS: People who are donors of the Commissioner Xavier Suarez are outraged, they say has used those donations to support other candidates

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Escrito por Nelson Horta

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MIAMI AUGUST 9, 2018, nhr.com – We are used to the fact that at election time we always receive complaints about certain irregularities, some legal and others illegal and some for a lack of ethics.

In the last hours a group of donors from Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez contacted us to express their outrage at something that they found when they had access to the campaign report of a PAC belonging to Suarez.

The “outraged” asked us if it was illegal for the “Chairman” of a Political Action Committee to donate to other candidates using those funds.

The answer is that it is not illegal, but a lack of ethics of that person in charge of the PAC, since he is making fun of the main reason why he has requested those donations.  Donors support the candidate to donate, but perhaps they are not with the candidate that the PAC President wants to support.

Those who asked us questions have been donors of the PAC of Commissioner Xavier Suarez, Imagine Miami PC, which has raised $603,135.00 in donations.  Many of these donors are upset with the donations that Imagine Miami has made to other candidates and other PACs.

“We do not know if Xavier has donated to candidates that we do not support,” said one of the donors who called us to leave a complaint.

We inquired with the Miami-Dade Elections Department about the donations that Imagine Miami PC has made to candidates and Political Action Committees and mentioned the following donations:

  • 6/25/             Roberto Asencio Campaign                 $1,000.00
  • 6/25/2018    The Right Future For Florida              $1,000.00
  • 6/25/2018    Alliance for Prosperity PC                    $2,000.00
  • 6/25/2018    Vance Aloupis Campaign                     $1,000.00
  • 6/25/2018    Together Today for A Better To…       $2,500.00
  • 7/18/2018     Perla Tabares Hartman Campaign    $1,000.00

The donors who spoke on the condition that their names not be revealed, allege that Suarez requested donations for his re-election campaign or his application for mayor in 2020, and not to donate to other candidates with whom they may not agree.

They reminded us of Xavier’s betrayal of Bruno Barreiro and current Commissioner José Pepe Díaz when Xavier chose to support opposing candidates.

“We do not know if Suarez was responsible for the plane that circulated last weekend, with a sign that asked to vote against commissioner José Pepe Díaz” whom Xavier betrayed “by preferring to support an unknown candidate and that some say has an alliance with the Venezuelan Chavistas.”

However, credible sources told nelsonhortareporta.com that that plane apparently was hired by the former mayor of Doral, Luigui Boria, to favor the candidate who is running against Pepe Díaz.

Recently, Commissioner Suarez surprised his colleagues in the commission by abandoning commissioner Bruno Barreiro and supporting the opponent of Bruno’s wife who was running for the seat left by her husband.

“That was a betrayal by Xavier,” several of the commissioners told us, who are now also annoyed by Suarez’s new betrayal of his colleague José Pepe Díaz.

“Xavier does not realize that all this indirectly affects his son Francis, mayor of Miami and who is doing a great job,” one of the “outraged” told us.

The donors who spoke to us and who are concerned about Xavier’s donations to other candidates using PAC Imagine Miami PC funds, assured us that they will not donate back to Xavier while he is using those donations to support other candidates they do not support.

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