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LECTORES NOS PIDEN TRADUCCIÓN: Expenditures for Employees at MIA Increases While Seeking to Hire a Fine Arts Historian at a Substantial Salary

Escrito por Nelson Horta

MIAMI MAY 18, 2017, – A reader sends an open job position on the Miami International Airport website with a salary between $53,850 and $90,593 which depends on the recipient’s experience for this generous position.

In this manner, it appears to be a job that has to do with the airport, but it is not, it is a job for a qualified individual with a degree in fine arts, art history, photography, museum studies or related field.

The applicant for the job must have at least 2 years of professional experience in the planning and organization of events related to the arts.

Until now we did not know that an airport needed to spend between $53,850 and $90,593 for an arts expert. We know that in MIA there is a public arts program dedicated to giving opportunities to individuals with these talents from various groups and taking them from the galleries and bringing them to the airport so that they can exhibit their works of art. This program was created in 1973.

According to an airport source, this position is necessary because of the rapid expansion of the terminals, although the source was not able to tell us if the position existed before, or if they wanted to benefit someone specifically.

According to some sources, MIA is mortgaged in millions of dollars due to the bonds they have had to issue to pay for the construction projects that have given prominence to the airport terminals, but we have also seen that MIA’s salary budgets have grown enormously each year, taking into account that MIA has only 1,368 employees. To give you an idea, the 2017 budget for salaries and benefits for MIA employees ballooned to $127,979,000, which is $8,423,000 more than in 2016 and $13,804,000 more than in 2015.

On trips “needed for different events,” MIA executives have been “more generous.” These executives consider that attending national and international events will bring in business to MIA – from budgeted amounts of $531,000 in 2015, increasing to $560,000 in 2016 and snowballing to $643,000 in 2017.

According to MIA’s own public records, the increase in passengers between 2014 and 2016 was 3,612,724.

    • 2014: 40,941,879
    • 2015: 44,350,247 (3,378,368 increase from 2014)
    • 2016: 44,584,603 (234,356 increase from 2015)
    • Increase 2014 to 2016: 3,612,724

We do not know if it would benefit MIA to have an expert in the Fine Arts, nor do we know if it is necessary to spend a juicy salary, when there are other necessities in that same airport. We will be requesting the airport’s version for the need of an art historian.

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