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SCANDAL: Complaints about Union SEIU executives using Strong-arm tactics against company owners at MIA

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Escrito por Nelson Horta

NOTA: Debido al interés que tuvo en las últimas 24 horas el artículo publicado ayer sobre la intervención del Sindicato SEIU en el aeropuerto de Miami sin llevar a elecciones su representación oficial, y debido a las muchas solicitudes, hoy lo publicamos en Ingles ese artículo  para beneficios de los que no leen español.

MIAMI JUNE 17, 2017,—Last year, Miami Dade County performed an audit of Ultra Aviation, a Company that provides a range of services to several aviation enterprises at MIA pursuant to a permit. The audit concluded that “Ultra Aviation Services complies with all requirements of the County’s Living Wages Ordinance (LWO).”

Nevertheless, as we have reported in previous articles, the left-wing and liberal union SEIU has been “harassing Ultra Aviation and threatening them in order to unionize its employees”, without conducting a proper election among the employees, as it is customary in these situations.

At, we have been investigating for several months these cases of union (SEIU) interference at Miami International Airport, as we are interested in every event in which the union intervenes, since we were once victims of one of those union actions, and we would like to alert those employees enthused with seeking protection by a union, which leave them unprotected in the long run.

According to our sources, SEIU operatives are putting pressure of principals of several companies that are targets for employees’ syndication. “They called me and asked for a private meeting – the union representative and myself only – to have a coffee, and told me that if I cooperate and accept SEIU representing our employees, the union, in turn, will treat me with ease…” said one of the executives of another company also targeted by SEIU.

“This is a strong-arm tactic” said a commissioner last week, to whom we related this occurrence from 15 days ago.

Other commissioners are angry with the union actions and the fact that they’re not complying with the established system of employee elections, in order to determine if employees choose to be represented or not.

These commissioners informed us that they will be investigating employees from the County, who are cooperating with the union, in order to destabilize operations at the airport.

According to an employee from Eulen – another Company provider of services at the airport and targeted by the union: “the union was brought in by Lisvan Cruz, an Ultra part-time employee”. As per this employee, Cruz claims to be a Cuban medical doctor, who has not been able to validate his license in US and last year, 2016, had tried to return to live in Cuba, but was rejected due to his defection during and international mission organized by the Cuban communist government. We had tried to contact Cruz, in order to confirm these allegations, but he has not responded.

Also, we yesterday we spoke with the attorney Miguel De Grandy, who represents Ultra Aviation and inquired about Ultra’s position regarding the accusations made against the company.

“Ultra’s position is very simple and consistent with our democratic principles. If the union intends to represent employees from Ultra, the law provides them with the right to call for elections, in which all employees can participate and, by law, is to be held by secret ballot.”

“If in such election, the majority of employees accept to pay a portion of their salaries to the union, in order to be represented, Ultra would respect such result and is willing to accept the union as employee’s representative.”

According to De Grandy, the issue is that the union is aware it does not have the support from Ultra’s employees, “they understand they will pay more and will receive less”.

De Grandy confirmed what our sources have stated; ”the union is putting pressure on the County to use its regulatory power inappropriately, in order to force Ultra to accept the union’s demands.”

As we have related in a previous article at, SEIU is using syndicated County employees to pressure several companies at MIA, including Ultra Aviation Services.

“My client – who, as many of us, came to this country escaping tyranny – will not bow down to this inappropriate pressure.”

According to a commissioner, to whom we spoke last night, a thorough investigation will be conducted, in order to find out who is responsible for creating unrest at the airport, “it will not be tolerated nor permitted”, he said.

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