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SOURCES: Union utilizing syndicated employees within the County in order to harass companies at the airport

Escrito por Nelson Horta

NOTA: Debido al interés que este artículo tuvo en las últimas 24 horas, y las muchas solicitudes, hoy lo publicamos en Ingles  para beneficios de los que no leen español.

MIAMI, JUNE 6th, 2017, – At we have reported the actions of the famous left-wing employees union SEIU (Service Employees International Union) at Miami International Airport (MIA).

Sources at MIA have related to us that left-wing union executives continue taking advantage of employees from several companies at MIA; and stirring situations, with the purpose of involve them with the union.

Our sources also claim that County officials are in complicity with SEIU, in order to harass some airport companies, even when their employees are not affiliated to the left-wing union.

Other sources, from the County, confirmed to us that SEIU has directed to its “pieces” within the County, and affiliated to the union, for them to be the ones putting pressure to the companies at the airport.

Hellene Obrien 2

According to our sources, Helene O’Brien, State Director of Florida SEIU, is the person with plans of organizing MIA service employees within the union.

Some employees have notified us that, “we are being harassed by the union leaders”, for us to report anything that we believe may constitute a violation of working rules, in order to put pressure on those companies, “their purpose is for us to become affiliated to the union, but the majority reject them”, according to one of the sources.

SEIU tactics are to harass companies with reports to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and use their “pawns” within the County to exert even more pressure to companies at MIA.

We do not believe that Miami Dade County commissioners are cognizant of the interference by syndicated employees within the County with legitimate companies at the airport and the port, nevertheless, this week we will be investigating this complaint made by employees from companies operating at MIA and by airline officials that have contacted us; and will follow up on these accusations.

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