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Survey points out that 36% of Latinos in Florida only support Trump, but who are the pollsters?

Escrito por Nelson Horta

MIAMI OCTOBER 5, 2017, Nhr.com — After the disappointment of the polls conducted during the general elections last November of 2016, where almost all gave Hillary Clinton a wide margin, demonstrating otherwise, it is difficult to believe any inquiry done.

Even more so if these inquiries are made by members of the party benefiting from the final result, it doubts the veracity of it.

Yesterday Latino Victory-Latino Decisions, released a survey conducted in the last two weeks in the state of Florida, where they interviewed 369 Latinos giving as a result that only 36 percent support President Trump; A 64 percent opposes their efforts in their first 8 months of management.

According to the manipulated survey, in the Trump era, Florida’s conservative Cuban population has been isolated in comparison to other Latino groups.

The survey showed that only 21 percent say that they generally agree with Republicans in most of the issues and will vote in the future for Trump, a 35% said the Republican Party is so anti-Latino that it would never support them.

However this survey could be generating a negative result by being done by someone who belongs to the opposite side, Cristobal J Alex, President of Latino Victory Project, the same entity that conducted the investigation.

Another of the filmmakers of the manipulated survey is Matt Barreto, co-founder of Latino Decisions, who says that, “despite being a more conservative population in relation to other Latinos in the United States, this survey finds that a majority of Latinos in “Florida are upset and oppose Trump’s policy.”

According to Alex and Barreto, most Florida Latinos are against Trump’s forgiveness of Sheriff Joe Arpaio but apparently they agree with the forgiveness Obama gave to the terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera.


Cristóbal J. Alex is the president of the Latino organization Victory Fund, an ambitious effort to build Latino political power so that the voices of Latinos reflected in each level of government and the policies that drive our country forward.

Cristóbal previously served as the national deputy director of voter and mobilization for Hillary Clinton’s campaign where he helped manage efforts to register, persuade, and mobilize grassroots coalition groups that form the basis of the Democratic Party: Áfro Americans, Latinos, women, Millennium, as well as the state expansion program to elect “up and down” Democrats from the ballot in 37 states.


Matthew Alejandro Barreto is a political and founder of the national firm of mass surveys and research, Latin Desicions. Barreto is a professor of political science and Chicano Studies at the University of California and an expert in Latino political behavior and public opinion, before moving to California, he taught at the University of Washington, and is considered an expert leader in the Impact of voter identification laws

Barreto co-founded the 2007 Latin firm Desicions with Dr. Gary Segura.

In the year 2015 Barreto was hired by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to administer the polls to Latino groups.

The survey has an error margin of 5.1 percent, however viewing the curriculum of the two pollsters, who are “mourners” of the defeated Hillary Clinton and surely conducted favorable polls to the loser; we have to question this survey.

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